Why slacktivism is underrated – and why you’re in the giving business

first_imgI have two guest posts this week.The first is at Mashable, on why slacktivism is underrated. Read the results of a yet-to-be released study on how people who take easy actions online aren’t to be dismissed here. Just because people are doing something easy on social media doesn’t mean that’s all they are doing. In fact, so-called slacktivists participate in more than twice as many activities as people who don’t engage in slacktivism. Plus, the activities that slacktivists choose to undertake have a higher potential to influence others.The second guest post is at the Skoll Foundation’s Social Edge, on why brain science shows you’re in the giving – not the getting – business. You can find that here (Scroll down – there’s no permalink to the post, which is dated October 21.)Enjoy! And tell me what you think.last_img read more

"Why slacktivism is underrated – and why you’re in the giving business"

Let’s Get Together! 5 Steps to Combine Your Nonprofit’s Social Media and Email Marketing

first_imgIf you’re already using email marketing and social media to promote your nonprofit, it’s important to unite your online communities—giving supporters the opportunity to stay connected with all the stuff you’re doing online and giving you the opportunity to better engage your target audience. Start by having your digital tools work together, here’s how: 1. Make it easy to connect on your websiteThe first step to combining your social media and email marketing is making it easy for supporters to sign up for your mailing list or find your social networks directly from your website. Put buttons on your homepage for both so that when visitors find you, they can decide how they want to be engaged. Hopefully they’ll choose both!Tip: Need more help perfecting you nonprofit website? Check out this free eguide! 2. Bring your audiences togetherEven if you’ve already connected your website to your social media pages or email sign-up form, it’s likely you still have some people who are seeing your content only via social media or are only receiving your newsletter.It’s crucial that you’re able to bridge that gap and bring those audiences together. One way is to include links to share content in your newsletters. Much like with your website, this will help turn readers into fans.On the flip side, you’ll also want to make it easy for fans to sign up for your announcements. Do you have a way to sign up for your newsletter on your Facebook page and in your Twitter bio? When someone sees all the interesting content you’re sharing through social media, don’t make them search for a way to sign up.Tip: If you’re a Constant Contact customer, you can easily add an email sign-up form to your Facebook Page. 3. Demonstrate your valueIf you want fans and followers to sign up for your email list, you need to make sure you’re demonstrating the value of doing so.In addition to having a clear call to action like Join my List!, you also want to include a description on the sign-up form telling people exactly what it is they should expect to receive. What type of content will you be sending them? How frequently will they get it? Is there any bonus or discount for subscribing? Tell people exactly what you plan to deliver and highlight why it’s great.The same applies when linking your newsletter to your social networks. Don’t just ask people to Like us on Facebook, explain why! As Constant Contact’s Content Developer, Ryan Pinkham helps small businesses and nonprofits recognize their full potential through marketing and social media.center_img Email + Social = SuccessRemember that whether someone is a fan on Facebook or a subscriber on your email list, they’re a member of your online community. These are people who have opted to receive updates from your organization and are eager to show their support.By combining the power of social media and email marketing, you’ll be able to grow your community and get more from your marketing efforts in the years to come! 4. Use consistent brandingWhether someone is visiting your website, connecting with you on Facebook, or seeing an email in their inbox, the experience they have with your content needs to be consistent. Not only in the quality of the content, but in the look and feel of your marketing materials.One way to do that is by using the same logo on Facebook and Twitter as you use in your email newsletter. That way, when someone does click through to become a fan or to read your newsletter, they immediately recognize that they’re in the right place.You should also pay attention to the colors you choose. The color scheme on your website is likely the scheme you’ll want to use in your email newsletter and, when possible, on Facebook. Color Cop is a free and easy-to-use tool that enables you to pull the exact colors from your website so you can implement them on other marketing content. 5. Get more from your newsletter contentSharing your email newsletter content on Facebook or Twitter is a perfect opportunity to fill your social media content gaps.It’s also a chance to make better use of the content you’re already creating and get it the exposure it deserves. Sites like Facebook and Twitter will enable you to open your newsletter up to a whole new audience—not only your current fans, but also their friends who’ll see your content when someone else engages with it.And if the content in your newsletter isn’t time sensitive, you can wait a few days before you share it. This gives your emails a longer shelf life before you send another.Tip: If you’re thinking about taking your newsletter from print to digital, follow this guide.last_img read more

"Let’s Get Together! 5 Steps to Combine Your Nonprofit’s Social Media and Email Marketing"

What every freelancer needs to know about contracts (wrap-up!)

first_imgOn late fees: “The number that you most often see is 1.5% per month.” @ShakeLaw— Freelancers Union (@freelancersu) May 20, 2014 Need help dealing with a legal issue? Download the Freelancers Union app to connect with a lawyer committed to helping freelancers and who understand the freelance life.Protect your work: Build a standardized client agreement with our step-by-step freelance contract creator.As a freelancer, it’s important to master contracts and client agreements.This week we co-hosted a webinar with Shake, an app that allows you to create, sign, and send legally binding agreements. In case you missed it, review the video below and learn how to outline the scope of the job, scheduling demands, and provide clear expectations for your client and more:We also live-tweeted the event. Here are some highlights!”‘Work made for hire’ or ‘work for hire’ are clear indications that your client expects to own the work” @ShakeLaw— Freelancers Union (@freelancersu) May 20, 2014 On kill fees: “You’re always entitled to compensation for any loss experienced due to a client’s cancellation of a project” @ShakeLaw— Freelancers Union (@freelancersu) May 20, 2014center_img On scope creep: “Specificity is your friend when defining the scope of your work.” @shakelaw— Freelancers Union (@freelancersu) May 20, 2014Editor’s Note: The above information is for educational and informational purposes only. Neither Freelancers Union or Shake provide legal advice, they are not law firms, and this information is not a substitute for an attorney’s advice. Please consult a licensed attorney in your area with specific legal questions or concerns.Many thanks to Shake and to everyone who joined us!last_img read more

"What every freelancer needs to know about contracts (wrap-up!)"

Need help with accounting? Check out our FreshBooks discount

first_imgWe launched our new discounts page this week, which offers Freelancers Union members discounts on everything from tax prep, gyms, and coworking spaces to software for small businesses.One of our featured discounts is from FreshBooks, a user-friendly, cloud-based accounting tool that allows you to send invoices, track project hours, and manage expenses from anywhere you work. Freelancers Union members get a free 30-day trial and 10% off any Freshbooks paid plan!If you dread the tedious paperwork that comes with accounting, FreshBooks may be your best friend.Join the nation’s largest group representing the new workforce (it’s free!)Become a memberAlso, we want to hear from you: what are your favorite discounts? Let us know in our new Hive and we’ll do all that we can to make those products and services available at a discounted rate.Thank you for making these deals possible!last_img read more

"Need help with accounting? Check out our FreshBooks discount"

Expand your network with a memorable pitch note

first_imgWhen I originally received New York-based writer/photographer Dawid Wiacek’s pitch letter, I was in the middle of a job search that wasn’t turning up many leads. I was working hard, sending out ten resumes and cover letters a week.But I was only applying to jobs I found online, to people who didn’t know me. I knew my most valuable asset would be a direct recommendation from a trusted source, but since most of my closest friends don’t work in my industry, I hadn’t considered how messaging them could help.Until Dawid’s letter. (Which he let me reprint below!)Whether you’re just starting off as a freelancer, looking for new clients, or because Spring has sprung and you’re ready for a new opportunity, consider letting your network help you. Here are four basic rules for the road:1. Show off your personalityDawid’s letter is whimsical. It’s funny. I didn’t even know Dawid, but I really liked his sense of humor, and his writing was intimate, so I felt like we had met and already become friends.2. Remind people that you’re really good at what you doDawid proved to his network that he’s a good writer! His letter was clearly checked for grammar, spelling and triple-checked for concision. Every joke or point made was hammered home in one line, more or less.3. Explain what you’re interested inIn the pitch letter I crafted after reading Dawid’s, I included a list of “Top Five Industries/Types of Jobs That Would Be a Great Fit.” Friends responded to bullets from this list more than any other part of my letter. My contacts remembered that one person working in that one industry that was precisely suited to what I was looking for, and coffee meetings were soon scheduled!Join the nation’s largest group representing the new workforce (it’s free!)Become a member4. Make the ask (call your network to action)Dawid didn’t beat around the bush when it came to asking his network for help. He directly invited his contacts to share his portfolio with “any good people or fine business” they thought might need his services. Telling your network exactly why you’re writing to them, and what you hope to achieve, helps them craft an equally direct reply to you.Ask, and you shall receive!Here’s Dawid’s letter:Happy New Year, handsome ladies and pretty gents (did I get that right?).The first days of January often give me pause — and a touch of frost-bite, if I stand outside too long wondering about life.This year, I’ve come to the realization that I’m a doggone skilled writer — and several institutions have even paid me decent money for my work.Each day, I work tirelessly to amplify my portfolio. I relish the opportunity to flex my creative muscles as well as the finger muscles I use whenever I type. Just kidding — human fingers don’t contain any muscles!To that end, if you know of any good people or fine businesses that could benefit from professional-grade writing services (resumes, white papers, ad copy, blog articles, etc.), I invite you to share my portfolio. More important than my writing, though, is my adaptability and my unwavering integrity — in business and in life. Too bad that doesn’t shine through in my portfolio.If you and I haven’t talked in a while, let me know how you’re doing; there’s a statistically high chance I miss you and would love to catch up. If you know me at all, you know this boy can lend an ear…Thank you. Best wishes for a healthy and productive 2015!Regards,Dawid “Dah-veed” Wiacekdwiacek.comlast_img read more

"Expand your network with a memorable pitch note"

World Cup qualifier: Ben Woodburn can become a great, says Wales manager Chris Coleman

first_imgWales may have unearthed another exciting prospect after teenager Ben Woodburn came off the bench to score his country’s winner in a World Cup qualifier against Austria on Saturday.The Liverpool youngster’s incredible introduction to international football produced rave reviews on Sunday, with manager Chris Coleman leading the praise.”I know his strike was fantastic but his all-round composure was great too,” Coleman said.”He has all the attributes to go on to be a great player.”The 17-year-old had only been on the pitch five minutes when he fired home from distance to keep Welsh hopes of qualifying for next year’s finals alive.With three games left Wales are third in Group D, four points behind leaders Serbia and two behind Ireland.Wales have provided some of the greats of British football down the years, with Mark Hughes, Ryan Giggs and Gareth Bale all doing sterling service for their country.All-time top scorer Ian Rush was also encouraged to see Woodburn, who has made only a handful of appearances for Liverpool’s first team, make an instant impact.”I’ve been working with Ben since he was 14 years old and he has an amazing attitude, he keeps his feet on the ground,” Rush told the BBC.”Playing with the likes of (Arsenal midfielder) Aaron Ramsey and Gareth Bale I think he is now realising what the world is all about.””He probably won’t start on Tuesday (against Moldova) but if he comes on he will do a job,” added Rush.last_img read more

"World Cup qualifier: Ben Woodburn can become a great, says Wales manager Chris Coleman"

Rafael Nadal savours being part of the dream generation of tennis

first_imgBelonging to a generation of era-defining champions is of greater importance to Spanish juggernaut Rafa Nadal than his long-term rivalry with Roger Federer.World number one Nadal won his third US Open and 16th grand slam title with a 6-3, 6-3, 6-4 demolition of South African Kevin Anderson, triggering speculations on his chances of surpassing Federer’s record of 19 major championships.”Of course this rivalry has been important for our sport, in my opinion,” Nadal said of his battles with the Swiss great.”That involved a lot of people, and because of different styles, different characters, and we played for the most important things for such a long time, I think that was the great promotion for our sport,” Nadal told a news conference.”I feel happy to be part of this rivalry, but at the same time, I played even more matches with Novak (Djokovic) than with Roger in such important matches, too.”Since Nadal won the first of this 10 French Open titles, he, Federer and Djokovic have won 43 of the 51 grand slams.”In my career, I have been involved in different rivalries. I feel lucky to be part of all of them in some way. In another way, I have been in an era where three players achieved 19, 16 and 12 (grand slams),” he said, referring to himself, Federer and Djokovic.”That’s a lot, no? There is a remarkable part of the history of our sport. So that means it was difficult for everybody to win titles in this part of the era.”advertisementSince then, only Andy Murray, Stan Wawrinka, Juan Martin del Potro and Marin Cilic have managed to win major titles.”That’s difficult to find some players in the same generation that achieve all the things that we achieved,” Nadal said.”We are in an era that is not nice to say, because I’m part of it, but we are in an era that some players make incredible things in this sport, no?”Happy to be part of it, and I feel lucky to be part of it and enjoy the fact that I have been involved in some way in the two rivalries. That is amazing”Nadal and Djokovic have played each other 50 times, the Serbian prevailing 26 times but losing three of their four grand slam final encounters.The Spaniard has a 23-14 win-loss record against Federer and he won six of their nine finals at a major.”I think nobody played more matches against each other like Novak and I and with Roger, because we competed for such a long time for the first and second spots and competed for most important events,” said Nadal.”It’s been great but at the same time, there have been difficult moments to win a lot of titles, but in some way, we should be very happy. Because us three, we still won a lot of things, and probably even Roger and me or Novak even much more than we ever dreamed.”We feel very happy about all the things that happened to us, and probably everybody, we feel lucky in some way.”last_img read more

"Rafael Nadal savours being part of the dream generation of tennis"

New Zealand marathoner finishes second to Mo Farah and proposes to girlfriend

first_imgAnd she said, Yes!New Zealand marathoner Jake Robertson finished runners-up in the Great North Run in Britain but went home with the top prize.Robertson finished second to Olympic champion Mo Farah and had to settle for the silver medal but soon after the race he proposed to his Kenyan girlfriend Magdalyne Masai, who in return accepted the proposal for marriage.After finishing his race, Robertson waited for Masai, who finished fourth in the women’s marathon of the Great North Run, before going down on his knees.SHE SAID YES!Congrats @Jakehtbz and Magdalene Masai! Great races from both at #GreatNorthRun and an engagement ???pic.twitter.com/2IEYGMXOAN- SPIKES (@spikesmag) September 10, 2017Well we weren’t expecting that! An elite proposal right on the @SimplyhealthUK #GreatNorthRun finish line from @Jakehtbz ???????? pic.twitter.com/VVfoMyNw3F- Great Run (@Great_Run) September 10, 2017Robertson, whose act was cheered on by the crowd, said “I didn’t have it planned or anything. In the last mile it just randomly came to my mind that today was the day.”#GreatNorthRun runner-up @Jakehtbz proposed to girlfriend Magdalyne Masai, fourth in women’s race, at the finish. She said yes! ?? pic.twitter.com/maKGh8xO65- Athletics Weekly (@AthleticsWeekly) September 10, 2017Robertson and Masai have been dating each other for six years.”I finished the race and asked the meeting organisers to find her. She said yes and I’m a happy man. Six years together and I thought it was due time. We’ve been speaking about it for a long time,” he said.advertisementTop 3 Elite Men @SimplyhealthUK #GreatNorthRun??Mo Farah 60.06??Jake Robertson 60.12?? Feyisa Lilesa 61.32 pic.twitter.com/TppZyM1Kn5- Great Run (@Great_Run) September 10, 2017Jake shifted to Kenya with his twin brother Zane 10 years ago when he was 17.last_img read more

"New Zealand marathoner finishes second to Mo Farah and proposes to girlfriend"

FIFA U-17 World Cup: New Zealand draw 1-1 with Turkey in Group B

first_imgNew Zealand and Turkey played a 1-1 draw in a Group B clash of the FIFA Under-17 World Cup at the DY Patil Stadium on Friday.Ahmed Kutucu’s 18th-minute strike put Turkey ahead in the 18th minute. Max Mata came up with the equaliser in the 58th minute.Turkey looked the better side at the beginning. They could have opened the scoring as early as the sixth minute, but Melih Gokcimen failed to beat the goalkeeper on a breakaway and Atalay Babacan misfired on the rebound.Kutucu headed home a corner to give Turkey the lead and they controlled the game for the rest of the first half as New Zealand took some time to raise their game.They found the equalised when Elijah Just took a quick free-kick and it found an unmarked Mata, who put the ball in in the 58th minute.Both teams got plenty of chances to gain the lead.New Zealand almost found their second when Charles Spragg shot just over the crossbar with 15 minutes to go. Then frustration grew further in New Zealand camp when Just hit the post in the 83rd minute.Mata then got his second yellow card five minutes into second-half stoppage time. After this incident, New Zealand defended strongly to keep it at 1-1.last_img read more

"FIFA U-17 World Cup: New Zealand draw 1-1 with Turkey in Group B"

Virender Sehwag appointed in anti-doping appeals panel

first_imgIn a move that would surely raise a few eyebrows, the sports ministry has included former cricketers Virender Sehwag and Vinay Lamba in the Anti-Doping Appeals Panel. The approval to appoint cricketers in the panel comes in the wake of the stand-off between the sports ministry and BCCI over dope-testing of cricketers by the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA).It is for the first time that cricketers have found a place in either the anti-doping disciplinary panel or the appeals panel of the NADA. In another surprising move, weightlifter Kunjarani Devi was appointed in the Anti-Doping Disciplinary Panel.It means that Kunjarani, who was suspended for an anti-doping rule violation in 2001 when she tested positive for stimulant strychnine at the Asian championships, will be among those in the tribunal which will decide whether an athlete is guilty or not.Kunjarani was slapped with a six-month suspension for her doping offence but then the Indian government has always had such strange rules. For an athlete to be eligible for the Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and Arjuna Awards, he or she should not have been found guilty of an anti-doping rule violation. But strangely, it does not have such an eligibility criterion for the ones who recommend (read select) the awardees. In 2014, Kunjarani, a dope-offender herself, was in the selection panel for the Khel Ratna and Arjuna Awards.The appointments have come as a surprise to many as in the Appeals Panel there only two sportspersons and both of them happen to be cricketers. While Sehwag is a renowned name, having played cricket for a very long time, Lamba is a former Delhi cricketer and selector.advertisementThe BCCI has, over the years, tried its best to not let NADA have any control of sample management of its cricketers and have particularly raised objection to the whereabouts clause.In a recent tiff, the sports ministry directed the NADA to enforce the WADA Code in all its “fairness and entirety” on the BCCI and conduct dope testing of cricketers during domestic and international matches.The sports ministry under Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore has asked the NADA to exercise full authority and send its Dope Control Officials to the BCCI recognised tournaments to collect the samples of cricketers.Cricket is not the most affected sport by doping but the ministry has decided to include cricketers in its two appeals panels. The role that Sehwag and Lamba will be able to play in these panels remains to be seen, considering their expertise with a subject like doping, but surely, as far as the decision is concerned there is more to it than what meets the eye.The NADA director general nominates the members in the disciplinary and appeals panels, which are subject to approval from a competent authority (read Sports Minister).last_img read more

"Virender Sehwag appointed in anti-doping appeals panel"

Hong Kong Open: PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal advance, Parupalli Kashyap bows out

first_imgSaina Nehwal and PV Sindhu advanced to the second round of the Hong Kong Super Series on Wednesday even as Parupalli Kashyap and Sourabh Verma bowed out of the tournament.Saina defeated Mette Poulsen of Denmark 21-19, 23-21 in a difficult battle lasting 46 minutes.The 2010 Hong Kong Open winner will next be up against Chinese teen sensation Chen Yufei, who beat Chinese Taipei’s Su Yu Chen 21-15, 21-13 in just 27 minutes.Sindhu, who was earlier stunned by Chinese qualifier Gao Fangjie at the China Open, eased past Leung Yuet Yee of Hong Kong 21-18, 21-10 in just 26 minutes to begin her campaign at Kowloon on a high.She will next face either Japanese Aya Ohori or Evgeniya Kosetskaya of Russia.While the tournament began well for India in the women’s singles, Parupalli Kashyap and Sourabh Verma bowed out of Hong Kong Open in a disastrous beginning to India’s men’s singles campaign.Kashyap, who made it to the main draw after winning the two qualifiers yesterday, battled out for an hour and 9 minutes before falling short against local player Le Dong Keun 21-15, 9-21, 20-22.Sourabh Verma, on the other hand, lost 15-21, 8-21 Indonesia’s Tommy Sugiarto in just half an hour..However, national champion HS Prannoy and Singapore Open and Thailand Open winner B Sai Praneeth will play their men’s singles later in the day.In the doubles category, Ashwini Ponappa and N Sikki Reddy lost their women’s doubles first round match to Chinese pair of Huang Dongping and Li Wenmei 11-21, 21-19, 19-21 to bow out of the competition.advertisementMen’s doubles pair of Manu Attri and B Sumeeth Reddy will play their match later in the day.last_img read more

"Hong Kong Open: PV Sindhu, Saina Nehwal advance, Parupalli Kashyap bows out"

Away from home, Mahmoud Al Amnah’s heart beats for Syria

first_imgFor East Bengal’s Syrian midfielder Mahmoud Al Amnah, the word ‘home’ brings back cheerful memories of his prime footballing years and quality time spend with the family.His once beautiful town of Aleppo now remains a brash pile of horrors from the continuous civil war — something that has forced him to live in Egypt, where his wife comes from, since 2011.Al Amnah, an average built lanky attacking midfielder, has a distinction that probably outclasses many of the I League stars in the fray, I League title with Aizawl FC and 81 International caps provide evidence to it.What seems missing for the 35-year-old is a trip back home where he was once the most expensive signing by Al Ittihad Aleppoin Syrian top divison.”My sister is still there in Aleppo and I really miss her. She is really brave and she truly signifies what it means to love your home city. There were many challenges but most of all it wasn’t the safest to raise my two daughters there. So for their future a decision had to be made. Things are a bit better in the country now and I hope we can soon return to our home with everything back to normal,” he told Mail Today.Conditions have improved drastically in the war-torn country and so has the quality of football. The country was on the verge to qualify for the 2018 World Cup in Russia, but lost to a last-ditch effort from Australia in the play-offs.Al Amnah, who was part of the 2006 and 2010 qualifying squad, believes the current set of Syrian players need to be to protected for a better future.advertisement”I would say we still have a long way to go. We have an incredible set of footballers who represented us in the FIFA WC qualifiers. They should be protected and at the same time new talent should be nurtured so that the stage created by the present set can be strengthened to build a strong and robust system of producing footballers just like Germany does. I loved playing football for my Al-Ittihad Aleppo and took pride in it. I would want that all the youngsters should start with the homegrown clubs as that is only when the football in the country can grow,” he said.Playing for one of India’s oldest football clubs, Al Amnah was aware of the challenges and expectations from the fans that headed his way. Moreover, an added pressure of being the I League winner with Aizawl FC last season gave more reasons for him to perform at his best.”I knew there were going to be huge expectations but considering I am not the youngest, I have had experiences of playing in front of 40,000 fans in each match back in Syria as well. The atmosphere in Kolkata is nearly the same, especially on the derby days. The fan pressure is always there when you play for East Bengal. Here people always want to see you winning and luckily we have been able to string together a good set of performances,” he concluded.last_img read more

"Away from home, Mahmoud Al Amnah’s heart beats for Syria"

Railways, Jharkhand, Haryana, MP in semis

first_imgRanchi, Feb 8 (PTI) Railways, Jharkhand, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh scripted stunning victories to enter the semifinals of the 8th Hockey India Senior Women National Championship (A Division) here today.Railway Sports Promotion Board continued their superb form as they thrashed Hockey Karnataka 14-0 in the first quarterfinal.Neha Goyal (4th, 48th), Lilima Minz (8th, 14th), Navjot Kaur (13th, 58th), Anupa Barla (16th, 20th), Navneet Kaur (19th, 23rd), Priyanka Wankhede (26th, 42nd) scored two goals each while Vandana Katariya (37th), Deepika (39th), Neha Goyal (48th) and Navjot Kaur (58th) scored a goal each in this high scoring victory.With this performance, Anupa Barla became the highest goal scorer of the tournament thus far with 13 while team-mate Priyanka Wankhede second with 11 goals.After a 0-0 stalemate in the regulation time, Hockey Jharkhand beat Madhya Pradesh Hockey Academy 3-2 in penalty shootout.In the third quarterfinal match of the day, Hockey Haryana beat old rival Hockey Punjab 6-0 to advance to the semifinals on Saturday.Hockey Madhya Pradesh then scored a sensational 8-1 win over Hockey Maharashtra to qualify for the semifinals. It was Soundarya Yendala (7th, 8th, 12th, 17th, 35th) who starred in the match with five goals.Reena Khokhar (23rd), Shivani Singh (36th) and Lalhlunmawii (60th) were the other goal scorers for the winning team while Bhavana Khade (21st) was the lone goal scorer for Hockey Maharashtra. PTI PDS PDSlast_img read more

"Railways, Jharkhand, Haryana, MP in semis"

T20I Tri-Nation Series: India, Sri Lanka to play tournament opener on March 6

first_imgIndia and hosts Sri Lanka will play the opening match of the Nidahas Trophy T20I Tri-Nation Series on March 6. Bangladesh are the third side in the tournament.The Nidahas Trophy is being played to mark 70 years of Sri Lanka’s independence. All matches will be played at Colombo’s R. Premadasa Stadium (RPS) and will start at 7 PM local time.WATCHAccording to a report in Cricbuzz, both India and Bangladesh will reach Sri Lanka on March 4. While Bangladesh will play a warm-up match, India will directly take the field against the hosts on March 6.India, ranked No.3 in T20 Internationals, are engaged in a three-match T20 series against South Africa currently.India lost the Test series 1-2 but won the ODI series 5-1 and lead the T20I series 1-0 against the Proteas.Sri Lanka and Bangladesh met recently for two Tests and two T20 Internationals. Sri Lanka won both the Test and ODI series.Before the start of the Test series, Sri Lanka won an ODI tri-series involving Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.Full schedule: March 6 – Sri Lanka vs IndiaMarch 8 – Bangladesh vs IndiaMarch 10 – Sri Lanka vs BangladeshMarch 12 – India vs Sri LankaMarch 14 – India vs BangladeshMarch 16 – Bangladesh vs Sri Lankalast_img read more

"T20I Tri-Nation Series: India, Sri Lanka to play tournament opener on March 6"

Vijay Hazare Trophy quarters: Andhra Pradesh stun Delhi, Saurashtra beat Baroda

first_imgAndhra Pradesh bowlers pacer Siva Kumar and spinner Bharghav Bhatt set up a six-wicket victory to knock favourites Delhi out in the quarter-finals of the Vijay Hazare Trophy on Thursday.In the other game, Saurashtra edged past Baroda in the third quarter-final by three wickets to reach the semis.After opting to bowl first, Siva Kumar (4/29) and left-arm spinner Bharghav Bhatt (3/28) wreaked havoc to help Andhra bowl Delhi out for 111 in 32.1 overs.Chasing a paltry target, the unheralded Andhra reached the target in only 28.4 overs thanks to a 54-run stand between Ricky Bhui (32) and Ashwin Hebbar (38) for the third wicket.Bodapati Sumanth remained not out on 25 off 39 balls to take Andhra beyond the finish line at the Palam A Stadium in New Delhi.Andhra opted to field on a wicket that didn’t have any demons but none of the Delhi batsmen were willing to stay at the crease long enough to put up a substantial score.Unmukt Chand (4) was bowled by an incoming delivery from Siva while Gambhir (8) gave a simple catch to B Sumath.Young Hiten Dalal (11) also played across the line to be castled with Delhi reeling at 33 for 3 in 9 overs.Siva, who bowled at late 120kmph, did nothing exceptional save pitching it up and Delhi batsmen didn’t show requisite application.Nitish Rana (2) couldn’t get going as he completely missed the line of military medium pace bowler Bandaru Ayappa.Rishabh Pant (38) and Dhruv Shorey (21) tried to stem the rot with 36-run stand for fifth wicket but inept shot selection saw them lose six wickets for 35 runs.advertisementShorey misread the flight of Bhatts delivery and was stumped but it was Pant whose atrocious shot selection stood out.With more than 20 overs left, Pant miscued a pull shot off Sivas half tracker to be caught by Bhatt at mid wicket boundary.Once Pant was out, there was no resistance shown by the tail as it brought curtains down on one of the most controversial yet happening season in Delhi cricket.VASAVADA STARS FOR SAURASHTRAYoung Arpit Vasavada kept his composure during the end overs as his 43-ball-45 enabled a safe passage for Saurashtra into the semis.While Maharashtra will play Karnataka in the first semi-final, Saurashtra by virtue of their quarter-final win will meet Andhra in the second semi-final.Chasing a target of 248, Saurashtra crossed the finishing line in 48.4 overs courtesy Vasavada and useful contributions up the order from opener Avi Barot (82) and skipper Cheteshwar Pujara (40).The match could have been a lopsided affair after Saurashtra had left Baroda tottering at 105 for 7 in 22.3 overs before Mumbai Indians star Krunal Pandya (61, 75 balls) and Soaeb Tai (72 no, 91 balls) added 97 runs for the eighth wicket to give the team total some semblance of respectability.The duo batted nearly 21 overs to steady the ship. Left-handed Krunal hit five fours and two sixes in his innings while Tai had eight fours and a six to his credit.Once Krunal was dismissed, Tai added another 45 runs with Lukman Meriwala (9) for the ninth wicket to take the score closer towards 250. Chirag Jani’s wicket to wicket medium pace proved to be the most effective as he got 4 for 35 while Prerak Mankad had 2 for 29.While chasing, Saurashtra lost opener Samarth Vyas and former India player Robin Uthappa within 45 runs but Barot and Pujara added 102 runs for the third wicket to set the pace. Pujara hit five fours in his 66 while Barot struck eight boundaries in his 105-ball knock.However there was a mini collapse when Pujara was brilliantly snapped up by Vishnu Solanki off seamer Atit Sheth’s bowling. Barot, who looked good for a hundred followed suit, as left-arm seamer Rishi Arothe got him holed by Meriwala. Prerak Mankad was also gone leaving Saurashtra in a spot of bother at 181 for 5 with 67 runs to get.It could have got trickier but Vasavada and Jani (25) added 40 runs for the sixth wicket to put paid to Baroda’s hopes of a comeback.”I am not exactly happy with the way we chased the total. We were going well and should have finished the match early,” Saurashtra coach Shitansu Kotak told reporters.The coach also informed that Ravindra Jadeja is recovering from a side strain and is likely to be available for the semi-final match against Andhra.(With PTI inputs)last_img read more

"Vijay Hazare Trophy quarters: Andhra Pradesh stun Delhi, Saurashtra beat Baroda"

Want to make India sports equipment manufacturing hub: Rathore

first_imgNew Delhi, Feb 26 (PTI) Sports Minister Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore today said making India a manufacturing hub of sports equipment is one of his primary targets. “…we plan to hold a summit of the best sports goods manufacturers of India and the world to deliberate on how and what we need to do to change the policies of the country to make India a manufacturing hub of sports equipment,? Rathore said at SportEX.Asia 2018. Rathore stressed on the need for private sector to play an active role in improving sports infrastructure in the country. “We plan to make India a force to reckon with in the field of sports and need support from private sector. Currently we are focused on two programs — excellence in sports through our Target Olympic Podium scheme and broadbasing of sport through the largest schools games competition- Khelo India,” he said. The Minister proclaimed Year 2018 as the year of sports in India. “We intend to change the mindset of people towards sport. For that the environment around sport needs to be revitalised and re-energised. This includes all aspects of sports namely manufacturing, education, skill training, sports science, sports broadcast, events, managing academies among others,” he said. PTI PM PM PM –last_img read more

"Want to make India sports equipment manufacturing hub: Rathore"

Indian athletes depart for CWG, Asian Cross Country

first_imgNew Delhi, Mar 14 (PTI) To sharpen their skills further and get acclimatised to the conditions ahead of next months Commonwealth Games, a four-member Indian athletics team, including star javelin thrower Neeraj Chopra, today departed for Gold Coast. National record holder triple jumper Arpinder Singh and long jumpers Nayana James and Neena Varakil also left along with Chopra, the IAAF U20 World Champion. The Indians will camp and train at Super Sports Center in Gold Coast till March 25th before moving to the Commonwealth Games Village. Of the 31-member athletics team selected for CWG, Tejaswin Shankar, Indian record holder in high jump, who is currently training in US will join the Indian team later.. Other members of the team will depart in different groups later this week, according to an Athletics Federation of India (AFI) release. ?Super Sports Center in Gold Coast has an IAAF approved athletics track. The facility has other required amenities as well which will help our athletes in their training. Reaching Gold Coast in advance will help athletes acclimatised with the conditions and we hope we will have good results during the Games,? Radhakrishnan Nair, deputy chief coach of India said. Meanwhile, a 13-member athletics team departed for the Asian Cross Country Championships, scheduled to be held at Guiyang, China on March 15. Team: Senior Men- Shankar Man Thapa, Pradeep Singh Chaudhary, Arjun Kumar, Ratti Ram Saini; Junior Men- Bahadur Patel, Shyam; Senior Women- Sanjivani Baburao Jadhav, Lalita Babar, Swati Haridas Gadhave, Juma Khatun; Junior Women- PoonamDinkar and Prabhjot Kaur. PTI AT AT ATadvertisementlast_img read more

"Indian athletes depart for CWG, Asian Cross Country"

Ball-tampering row: Smith and Warner stare at bans, likely to miss IPL 2018

first_imgSteve Smith and David Warner, two of the biggest names in world cricket, face the prospect of getting banned by Cricket Australia following their involvement in the ball-tampering controversy. According to sources, the punishments would be lot harsher to what ICC handed out. The duo is also in danger of missing the entire Indian Premier League 2018 starting April 7.Though Smith has admitted to his fault and has been handed a one-Test suspension and a 100 per cent fine by the International Cricket Council (ICC), Warner is yet to break his silence on the fiasco.Also read – Steve Smith, David Warner step down as Australia’s captain and vice-captainSince the incident and amid uproar, Smith relinquished Australia and Rajasthan Royals captaincy. But the 2016 champions Sunrisers Hyderabad are awaiting a report from the Cricket Australia before taking any steps as far as their captain Warner is concerned.WATCHThe incident surfaced when Australia opener Cameron Bancroft was caught on camera rubbing a yellow object on the ball on the third day of the third Test against South Africa in Cape Town.Also read – Australia ball-tampering scandal: How Steve Smith & Co. planned the coupHe was then shown hastily putting the object down the front of his trousers before speaking to on-field umpires Nigel Llong and Richard Illingworth, who had been alerted to the suspicious behaviour.Bancroft turned out his pockets and showed the umpires a black piece of cloth before play continued and the hosts tightened their hold on the match. Bancroft was charged for attempting to change the condition of the ball and was later fined 75 per cent of his match fee.advertisementAlso read – Did South Africa players tip off broadcasters to catch Australia red-handed? Cameron Bancroft has been fined 75 per cent of his match fee and handed 3 demerit points (Reuters Photo)Cricket Australia officials, including CEO Pat Howard, are in South Africa to investigate the entire episode and are expected to announce their verdict by Wednesday.It is learnt that Smith is likely to be suspended by Cricket Australia for one year and Warner may get six months of suspension for his act. Coach Darren Lehmann’s position is now extremely untenable and he could even be sacked. He started his Australia coaching stint in 2013 and has won two Ashes and also coached Australia to the 2015 World Cup glory.If Australia suspend them for substantial periods, their NOC to play the IPL would automatically be then cancelled.Here are the most recent developments as Cricket Australia starts investigating the ball-tampering row:David Warner emerges as chief conspirator, may miss next Test Cricket Australia is likely to ban Steve Smith and David Warner for a lengthy ban over the ball-tampering row (Reuters Photo)David Warner has emerged as the chief conspirator of the ball-tampering row which saw Steve Smith being suspended for the one Test and fined 100 per cent of his match fee.According to sources, Warner could miss Australia’s fourth and final Test against South Africa starting March 30.Cricket Australia investigators spoke to Warner, Smith, Cameron Bancroft and coach Darren Lehman in South Africa. It now looks like CA will ask Warner to sit out of the last Test of the four-match series which South Africa lead 2-1.Steve Smith quits as Rajasthan Royals captain after ball-tampering rowSmith has stepped down as captain of Rajasthan Royals following the ball-tampering row. Ajinkya Rahane has been named RR skipper for IPL 2018.Rajasthan Royals ready to play IPL 2018 without Steve SmithIt now emerges, Rajasthan Royals were not fretting over losing their captain Steve Smith who has now unceremoniously had to step down.Ever since the Sandpaper gate controversy came to light, senior management of the franchise had made up their mind to move on minus Steve Smith. A lot of this was weighing in the image hit they would have to take, already carrying the baggage of their tainted past and only returning to action this year serving a two year suspension.”It would be easy for people to say we are Royal cheats. This is a message that we are not and we want to play clean,” a senior franchise official told India Today.If senior Royals’ management is to be believed they are also bracing up for an IPL minus Steve Smith altogether if Cricket Australia (CA) decides to impose strict sanctions.Smith’s 12 crore IPL purse could well be in doubt with the BCCI equally aware of the image hit IPL may have to take if their stand is any more lenient than what Cricket Australia decides.advertisementCameron Bancroft a repeat offender? New video emergesAnother video has emerged on social media platform from the Ashes series against England, which shows the maligned Australian opener allegedly trying to put a spoon of sugar in his pocket.David Coverdale, a reporter from The Sun, has tweeted the video with the caption, “Here’s Cameron Bancroft appearing to put sugar in his pocket against England in January…”In the video Bancroft can be seen taking a spoon of sugar wit his right hand and then palming it with his left and in a slick movement pocket the sugar.Heres Cameron Bancroft appearing to put sugar in his pocket against England in January… pic.twitter.com/ju6W47PECc David Coverdale (@dpcoverdale) March 24, 2018last_img read more

"Ball-tampering row: Smith and Warner stare at bans, likely to miss IPL 2018"